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Engineering > Substation Automation and Integration

Substation Automation and Integration Services

Dashiell Substation Automation and Integration Services provide innovative solutions to the various challenges facing the power industry today. Those challenges include network reliability and improving equipment, reducing operations and maintenance budgets, improving enterprise and wide access to operational and non-operational data, accessing and providing on demand energy, and enhancing network security. We offer technology assessment and network planning customized for the individual needs of our customers, end-to-end testing that is supported by Dashiell Field Services, onsite start-up, operator training, documentation, and system maintenance. Dashiell’s in-house automation and system studies lab allows our qualified engineers to test configuration settings before field implementation thus adding another level of quality assurance.

Services Offered

Benefits of Substation Automation


Communication Architecture

Automation & System Studies

HMI Oneline

HMI Alarms