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Projects > Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm - Shasta County, California

Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm - Shasta County, California

One 230kV, 2000A gas circuit breaker
One 230kV/34.5kV 75/100/125 MVA power transformer
Five 38kV, 1200A vacuum circuit breakers
Two 34.5kV 10 MVAR capacitor banks

Year Completed: 2010

RES Americas

Project Description: The Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm is a 101.2-megawatt (MW) wind farm owned by Pattern Energy Group, LP. It is located in Shasta County, California, near Mount Shasta on a ridge overlooking the town of Burney and is the first large-scale wind farm in the area. The Hatchet Ridge Collector substation consists of one 230kV, 2000A gas circuit breaker; one 230kV/34.5kV, 75/100/125 MVA power transformer; five 38kV, 1200A vacuum circuit breakers; and two 34.5kV, 10 MVAR capacitor banks. The substation has four incoming 34.5kV underground circuits from the wind farm and one outgoing 230kV overhead transmission line to the Carberry switching station. The Carberry switchyard consists of five 230kV gas circuit breakers and three incoming 230kV overhead transmission lines. One of the incoming transmission lines is from the Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm collector substation while the other two lines tie the new switching station into the PG&E power grid. Dashiell's ability to design and construct these facilities to utility specifications proved valuable, as the Carberry switchyard will be owned and operated by PG&E once it is energized.