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We offer competitive salaries and benefits that attract the best and brightest in the industry

Dashiell offers a comprehensive benefit package to our full-time employees. Regardless of if you are in the office or in the field, you and your family are eligible for coverage.

Eligibility is based on full-time status and number of hours worked. Please consult the Summary Plan Description for all rules regarding employee and dependent eligibility.

Health and Welfare Insurance:

Once eligible for the Quanta 401k plan, employees are 100% vested in their 401k plan. The company matches $1.00 for $1.00 on the first 3% of their deferrals, and $.50 on the $1.00 on the next 3% of their deferrals.

Professional Development - At Dashiell we encourage our employees to continue and develop their skills. We provide excellent growth and training opportunities.

-In house training - Dashiell is investing in the future of the industry by providing superior training for our employees. We provide in house hands on training by accredited instructors. In addition we bring vendors in to train on the latest technology. We believe that investing in our employee's will power our future.
-PE and other required licensure fee reimbursement - At Dashiell we recognize the importance of obtaining and maintaining required licensing. We will reimburse individuals for PE/FE exams and assist with training classes. In addition we will reimburse for maintaining required licenses.

General Activities: Dashiell recognizes the energy of our employees. Our employees are encouraged to participate in company sponsored activities such as softball, soccer, local baseball games, golf tournaments and picnic events. Once you join Dashiell you are part of the family.